HCG Diet

HCG and Health

Though there has been a lot of buzz surrounding the HCG diet over the last several years, HCG and its effects on weight loss were first documented over 50 years ago. As a naturally-occurring bodily hormone, everyone has a certain amount of HCG. Pregnant women, however, produce it in much greater quantities. When injected regularly, endocrinologists discovered it helps release excess fat deposits, reset the metabolism, curb hunger, and aid in overall weight loss. Obviously, this discovery gained momentum as medical professionals and patients began to test the effectiveness of HCG for weight loss.

What the HCG Diet Involves

Above all else, the professionals at Revive Weight Loss will closely monitor your reaction to and progress on HCG injections and the prescribed calorie-reduced diet. Our team will ensure you understand all aspects of this program and oversee any concerns you might have along the way. This systematic approach makes the HCG diet a safe, healthy alternative to other weight loss programs.

After you’ve completed the diet, the HCG injections will discontinue, but the strengthened metabolism and healthy-eating tools you’ve gained will keep you motivated and enable continued progress through the weight management phase and beyond.

Why People Choose HCG for Weight Loss

  • Less Hunger – Often, the most difficult part of dieting involves making healthy choices when you feel hungry. For those on the HCG diet, many report less hunger, allowing them to push through when their bodies begin to operate on fewer calories.
  • All-Natural Approach – This program uses no artificial stimulants, relying only on the body’s natural hormonal processes.
  • Better Skin – HCG has a reputation for improving skin elasticity, enhancing the look of areas where skin might sag after substantial weight loss.
  • Easy to Follow – Since this plan involves only HCG injections and a reduced-calorie diet, it feels less restrictive than those that use heavy food restrictions and extensive exercise. For people with busy schedules, this simple approach makes more sense.
  • Professional Assistance – Many patients find greater peace of mind knowing they’re monitored by a professional. As such, they don’t have to worry about getting adequate nutrients and staying healthy as they lose weight.

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